The Networking Club for Like-minded Founders and C-levels in Europe.

Get challenged by experienced peers, to make better decisions on the next steps to grow your fast-growing company.

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You're not alone in this journey

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Networking dinner + Negotiation Strategy

Get to know your fellow selected founders in a dynamic way of networking while learning more about negotiation strategy.

26-27 August 2021 (1 evening, overnight stay, 1 morning)

Interactive workshop: Resilience

Dive deep into your state of resilience, so you can manage your entrepreneurial rollercoaster with more success.

16 November 2021 (1 day, 09:00 - 18:00)

Interactive workshop: Strategy Formulation & Implementation

Dive deeper in your challenges on defining and executing your long-term strategy.

27-28 January 2022 (1 evening, overnight stay, 1 morning)

Networking dinner

Network with your fellow selected founders and C-levels, so you can avoid making frequently made mistakes.

31 March 2022 (1 evening, 18:00 - 23:00)

You're not alone in this journey

Apply here to get challenged

Take a step back from the daily operations.

  • For founders who want to get challenged

  • Four offline networking meetups

  • A mix of Networking Dinners and Round Tables

  • Part of an exclusive network of like-minded European founders

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