Philippe Haspeslagh

Professor of Strategy at Vlerick Business School


Forming alliances

Growth companies, especially technological ones, often turn to an alliance with larger established companies to access critical resources such as manufacturing upscaling capability or market access.

Whilst such alliances can be spectacularly successful, they can also flounder. Sometimes they merely become a two step process to full acquisition

In any case, alliances always present you with the the challenge of appropriate partner selection, proper deal logic, partner governance, interface management between both organisations, and managing across widely different cultures- those of a venture scale up and those of a mature large company.

Teaches in Module 2


Go-To-Market Strategy

Week 3
Available online from 1 April

Hendrik Isebaert
Hendrik Isebaert

COO at Showpad

San Francisco-based

Philippe Haspeslagh
Philippe Haspeslagh

Professor of Strategy at Vlerick Business School


In the second module, you will learn how to interact with your users by building a sales team from sales reps to sales managers and letting them scale your sales process.

Hendrik, a VP Sales himself, will teach you how to build a sales team yourself, providing you with the necessary insights into which questions to ask when hiring salespeople and executing scalable sales processes.

After building your sales team, you will learn how to bring your product or service to the market with them and leverage the power of partnerships. Having a better understanding of how to move along the lifecycle of a strategic partnership will help you forge new partnerships.

Chairman of Ardo and founder of the Capricorn Venture Partners, VC fund, Philippe will guide you through the process - from choosing a partner to negotiating the partnership deal.

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