Matias Ketonen

Head of Growth Marketing at Typeform


Mapping a customer Journey

In this module you will learn from an executive-level perspective on user journeys and how you can champion initiatives around this in your company.

Mapping a user journey starts with defining and researching your users. Then, you can measure their actions and start mapping the user journey itself. Increase customer empathy by personalising at scale trough Account-Based Marketing and defining the right metrics and KPIs around your customers.

Once the right KPIs are set up, you can start optimising your funnels and aligning your teams accordingly, to deliver the best customer experience.

Teaches in Module 1


Customer Journey Design

Week 1
Available online from 21 March

Matias Ketonen
Matias Ketonen

Head of Growth Marketing at


Pascal Persyn
Pascal Persyn

CEO at Perpetos


In the first module you will learn how to accelerate your sales process and shorten your sales cycle with a well-defined customer journey.

Designing a customer journey starts with a deep understanding of the motivations of your user, and aligning your company around them, by designing Personas, Buyers Roles and the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework.

Once you know your user's motivations, you can start designing the user journey - from the first touch to retention - by segmenting and optimising the funnels. You will learn to scale these interactions by using a mix of digital and human touchpoints, which Pascal implemented himself in his previously sold company.

Personalising the user interactions during the journey can be done by Account-Based Marketing, in which Matias has a profound background in.

Finally, you will gain insights into implementing a customer-first culture by breaking down silos, aligning the organisation, and using the right funnels across your teams.

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