Koen Dewettinck

Professor of Human Resource Management at Vlerick Business School


How HR impacts your business

In this module you will learn how to build HR to support the further growth of your business.

There are three key ideas Koen would like to convey. First, we will look into how HR impacts business performance. This has important implications when you start thinking about building an HR-approach.

Secondly, we will explore typical HR-issues in a start up environment and will develop solutions to deal with this.

Finally, you will have the chance to dive into new development in terms of managing people performance. This will enable you to assess your own companies’ approach and will help to strengthen your performance management approach.

Teaches in Module 4


Building an HR organisation

Week 7
Available online from 28 April

Janet Van Huysse
Janet Van Huysse

Chief People Officer at Cloudflare & Former VP HR at Twitter

San Francisco-based

Koen Dewettinck
Koen Dewettinck

Professor of HR Management at Vlerick Business School


In the fourth module, you will learn about what your culture is and how your employees behave.

In the scale-up phase you aren’t just hiring for the role you have today. You are hiring for what that job is going to look like a year from now. You spend time and effort on development and begin to identify emerging leaders.

That's why in this module you will gain insights into how to find the right people - and encourage the right behaviors - in order to build a culture that drives performance and gets you the business results you want.

How you build that culture is tackled by Janet - who, as Twitter's first VP of HR, grew the team from 90 to 4000 people.

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