Juliana Méndez

Head of Growth at Lanes & Planes


Selecting, entering and growing in international markets

In this module you will learn about the role of international markets for your business and how to select, enter and grow in international markets.

After this module, you should be able to:

-Map out regions of business which are relevant for you.

-Evaluate the attractiveness and the barriers of interesting regions.

-Initiate Go-To-Market using smart take-off and soft-landing initiatives.

-Evaluate and decide upon centralization and decentralization as well as standardization and localisation decisions.

And last but not least, you should also be able to lead, manage and build international and remote teams.

Teaches in Module 3


International Markets

Week 5
Available online from 15 April

Juliana Mendéz
Juliana Mendéz

Founder of SaleSide


Walter Kuemmerle
Walter Kuemmerle

Kuemmerle Research Group, Ltd & Former Professor at Harvard Business School


Laurence Van Den Keybus
Laurence Van Den Keybus

Co-Managing Director at Belcham

New York-based

In the third module, you will learn how to expand your customer base by tapping into international markets.

Entering international markets starts with choosing a step-by-step playbook and executing it accordingly. Juliana will guide you in learning how to evaluate the attractiveness of an international market, enter it, and ultimately become a local market leader.

Once you are established in multiple countries, you will have to choose between centralisation with an HQ or decentralisation. You will learn how to ask yourself the right questions to help you with these decisions.

Finally, Valerie will demonstrate these internationalisation playbooks, providing you with a specific case study about how your company can enter the US market.

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